Dr. John Sherdon

As the son of Dr. Linda Lancaster, Dr. John grew up in an environment of healthy food and natural medicines. Homeopathy, Herbs, Bach Flowers, and Organic Produce were the way of life. Because of this, it only made sense that John would eventually follow the path of Health Care and Healing. In 2003 John travelled to Sri Lanka to study with one of his mother’s masters, Prof. Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, known fondly as “Prof.” He planned to stay for one month and ended up staying six. The days were rigorous spending four hours per day in lecture and six hours in clinic—learning Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Physical Therapy, Osteopathic techniques, Bio-Medicine and seeing diseases and disorders that are usually only read about in books. The time spent in Sri Lanka was invaluable and John always says the best thing “Prof” ever taught him was how to “Be” with the patient, how to sympathize, empathize and really listen to every patient that is encountered.

In 2004, Prof. Dr. Anton Jayasuriya awarded John a Doctorate in Acupuncture. That same year, after arriving back in the USA, John enrolled in Southwest Acupuncture College, located in Santa Fe, NM. SWAC offers a wonderful Oriental Medicine program which stresses not only the importance of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, but also offers a wealth of knowledge in Western Medicine. After four years of school John was awarded a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and attained the recognition of Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Because Healthcare and Healing is a life-long study, John is currently studying with Dr. Lancaster and immersing himself in Homeopathy, Bach Flowers, and Ayurveda.

Dr. John Sherdon is a practicing DOM in Santa Fe, NM and works closely with Dr. Lancaster at the office of Light Harmonics. He is also a licensed Acupuncturist in New York and makes regular visits to Manhattan. Dr. John is a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Open International University Homeopathic Foundation.