Stress & Adrenals

We are living during very stressful times. Some stress is important to our normal physiology and survival. We all have a normal level of resistance when adapting to stressors. But when we are constantly bombarded with environmental and emotional stress, our health slowly declines. We have a finite amount of adaptation energy which decreases and declines with continuous exposure to stressors. The consequences of this are lower immunity, lower kidney function, fatigue, unregulated inflammatory response and poor blood sugar metabolism.

The Adrenals are a key part of the main Endocrine Axis; when they are taxed, a ripple effect occurs throughout the entire system, including the Reproductive and Autonomic Nervous systems, as well as the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Thyroid glands. Some typical signs and symptoms of adrenal depletion are: fatigue, need for more sleep, inability to cope with stress, irritability, anxiety, sighing and yawning, low libido, lower back ache, frequent colds or flu, and sugar or salt cravings.  Adrenal depletion may also present as low core temperature, sensitivity to cold and heat, poor digestion or IBS.

So how do we counteract the negative effects of prolonged stress to support our Endocrine System?

We can support our bodies with Adrenal Tonic Herbs, minerals and vitamins, and a diet made up of seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins, and by removing ingredients like breads, pastas, dairy, and sugar to limit the inflammation in our gut. Frequent exercise, restorative practices like Yoga or Qi Gong, Meditation and breathing exercises, Acupuncture, Massage and other therapies also provide support.