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No classes are currently scheduled in New York.


 2018 Summer Intensive with Dr Linda Lancaster
Tuesday–Saturday, July 24th – July 28th, 2018

Tues July 24th 
Introductory Radiesthiesia Class

This Class will be offered as a requirement for Beginner Students who are interested in attending the Summer Intensive and have not previously taken a full day or weekend course with Dr. Linda. Optionally, past students are also welcome to attend at a discounted fee as a review.

Wed July 25th-Sat July 28th
The Foundation of Medical Radiesthesia and Radionics

This 4 day intensive will strengthen the students understanding of the Light Harmonics Institute System of Medicine. The student will be taught how to analyze subtle energies and to use Radionics to heal from a distance from these findings. The Parcells System of analysis is emphasized to show the student how to measure the etheric force field at the cell level. The Light Harmonics Subtle Analysis System is integrated with traditional Radionics to gain greater understanding of the nature of illness from the higher force fields, “to find the cause behind the cause”.  This is a rare opportunity to be immersed in the healing energy at Light Harmonics Institute with Dr. Linda.

Class space is limited


Please contact our office for more information regarding registration and Fees.


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